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Children's Clubs in Twickenham

What we do...

We run drama clubs as after school activities for primary schools in and around the area of Twickenham. As I write this in September 2022 (and I do not update often), we run Drama clubs in a total of 7 primary schools in Twickenham, Whitton, Teddington and Surbiton. I decided a while ago that I do not need to tell people the schools because not many people come to this website! - if you are reading this, you are most probably either a friend who has asked about my website, a parent who knows that we run a drama club at their child’s school or someone who works at a primary school who has looked here to see if the website can tell them something about us. Or my mum – she looks at everything I do. Hi Mum! And hello to all of you! If you are at a school and are considering working with us: we will provide opportunities for you to reference us from all of our partnered schools.


We try our hardest to be hot on Safeguarding and Child Protection. All our teachers are trained to Safeguarding Level 3 by the LSCB for Richmond and Kingston (google them 😊). We update these every year – not every 3 – because safeguarding is paramount for children. Our Assistants are Level 1, at a minimum, and we train them up to Level 3 as soon as we are able (all depends on when they started working with us). The LSCB trains people for free and they are wonderful and full of knowledge about keeping children safe – so it is a matter of calendar availability, rather than anything else. We provide the schools with evidence of our staff training every year.

First Aid

Our teachers are also trained in paediatric First Aid (this means first aid for children, specifically). We renew this every year. Normally in the summer. We currently use the Red Cross (you can google them also 😊). Again, we provide proof of this to the schools we are partnered with.

DBS Checks

All our staff have a DBS check before they start and we practice Safer Recruitment. This means that we try our hardest to ensure that everyone who works here is safe to work with children - Checks are made on their employment history; on Police databases for records of entry; whether they are found on List 99, etc. If, and only if, these come back clear are they allowed to work with children. We use UKCRBs (google them 😊) for these checks.

Insurance, Policies & Risk Assessments

We provide proof and copies of the following to all our schools every year:

  • Public Liability insurance & Employers Liability​ insurance is provided by Morton Michel (google them 😊);

  • Risk Assessments specific to each school;

  • Any required Policies (usually Safeguarding and Child Protection). 

Obviously, we are all rather keen on drama, also.

Tim Ryan,

Owner of and Teacher at Enspire Clubs.

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