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Children's Clubs in Twickenham

Terms and Conditions

Payments to Enspire Clubs

  1. All payments to be made before the start of your new term.

  2. Each club is paid for on a Term basis (see New Customer section for trial periods)

    • The cost of your club directly reflects the number of sessions in the term.

    • The cost of each term is specified on each individual school club letter.

  3. Payments are made by Bank Transfer only. You will be notified of details upon confirmation.


Length of Course

  1. Each term runs for approximately 8-12 weeks and fits with the school terms of your school, and national holidays.

  2. The cost of your current term reflects the number of sessions in that course period and will be identified at the beginning of each course.


New customers to Enspire Clubs

  1. Your child can join a club at any time. The length of you trial period is directly reflected in our notice period (4 sessions).

  2. The cost of your trial period is therefore equal to 4 sessions. Please talk to your club teacher about your options.

Notice to stop attending

  1. We require a 4 session notice period, or the natural end of a term - whichever is shorter. Should you wish to stop attending your chosen club, this cancellation must be in writing. It can be done through email. Please talk to your club teacher about your options.

  2. The date of the email indicates the start of the notice period.

  3. If a cancellation occurs near the beginning of a term and the full term has been paid for, any excess payment for sessions occurring after the notice period will be refunded in full.

  4. Exceptions to notice period:

    • These are given on medical grounds only. A medical certificate from a doctor will be acceptable and all sessions from that time that have already been paid for will be refunded.

    • Short term absences are not refundable.


Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL): Mr Tim Ryan

Deputy Designated Safeguarding Lead: Mrs Nicola Houldsworth

(contact details can be found for both within our Safeguarding Policy)

Enspire Clubs takes the safeguarding of children very seriously. We aim to work in partnership with all the local schools to ensure the highest standards of safeguarding for all our participants.

The below Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy is from 2022. We update this every year and provide it to all our schools. If you spot that this is not 2022/23 - please give me a poke and I will update it here. Thanks! :)

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