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Children's Clubs in Twickenham

About Us...

My first daughter was born in 2015. Within about 4 months of her being born, I knew I wanted to change the lifestyle I had to make more time for our new family. In the October of that year, my wife said, "what about clubs?" We did some maths to see if it could be a thing. We thought it could be. Amongst other things from that year, a name was decided: Enspire Clubs

2016 saw a lot of education about running a business and in the September we secured our first primary school to teach a drama club at. 

Every year since then we have been lucky enough and professionally able enough to add another school... Except COVID... We missed one year.

I write this in 2022. We added two schools this year, not one. We're growing and it is going well, thanks for asking!

And why the name: Enpsire Clubs? Some friends of mine and I were chatting about cool names for the business. We took the words “Enjoy” and “Inspire” and applied some new-speak to that. I hope you like it. I’m fairly sure most parents just know it as the Drama club at their kids’ school… try not to over think it!

Tim Ryan

Owner of and Teacher at Enspire Clubs


Meet the team...

Tim Ryan.JPG

The business, Enspire Clubs, was created by me (Tim). That picture is me. Maybe not the most recent picture... I now have more grey hairs, I weigh more and I have more wrinkles. I guess, if you see someone who might have looked like this a while ago: it's probably me!

I used to be a primary teacher and spent most of my seven years teaching at Surbiton High Boys’ Preparatory School. Unsurprisingly, considering the nature of this business, one of my main roles was organising the extra-curricular clubs. I still teach drama clubs in multiple schools, but more and more of my time is dedicated to facilitating others to teach drama clubs in multiple schools.

The rest of the team

The rest of the team are either teachers or assistants to the teachers. I like to keep them off here as much as possible. They are people from the area local to the school you know us from and I like to respect their privacy. It also means I do not need to update this website as much!

Please be assured that whoever your teacher is at your child’s school, be it my self or another of my members of staff, I will have approved them. More importantly and most importantly: the school will have approved them. Schools are amazingly professional in so many ways. Many people do not realise how truly impressive they are. I am always impressed at exactly how professional they are and how hard their staff work to ensure that your children get professionals who are dedicated to keeping your children safe and offering them as much enrichment as they can in all areas of their education. It is also why I and my staff are in that school – working with that school – teaching your children drama.

Did you notice...

There are no pictures on this website of children doing dramatic activities and looking colourful and full of life. This is because I do not want to use pictures of children to sell our services. We contact schools and schools contact us. We provide contacts from schools that use our services as references to our new schools. Checks are made and passed and we then offer drama in another school.


We aim to be as professional as we can and work with these local primary schools and to their high standards. What you expect from the school: you can expect from us, also.

Tim Ryan

Owner of and Teacher at Enspire Clubs

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