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Children's Clubs in Twickenham
Drama Club in Twickenham

Enspire Drama teaches towards the LAMDA qualifications. The clubs are organised by Tim Ryan. If he is not the teacher in your school, you will be told the name of your teacher and given their contact details.

If you are unfamiliar with LAMDA, it is basically the same as any musical instrument exams that your children would take. They are nationally recognised qualifications that look excellent on secondary school applications, CVs and at grades 6, 7 & 8 even help your child achieve university entrance through UCAS points.

The lessons are designed to improve a variety of life skills, using drama-based activities.


Drama builds confidence, communication skills, initiative, teamwork, compromise, perseverance and respect – all vital life skills, whatever your chosen path. The best bit is that children often do not realise they are building these skills during each lesson of drama we provide.

No special kit is required and the children do the sessions in bare feet. If your child is wearing a dress/skirt, please provide them with either leggings, shorts or skort for them to put on underneath.

Please request the school letter that contains specific information about timings, costs and pick up points etc.

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