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Children's Clubs in Twickenham

What we don't do... (very much...)

Social Media. No Instragram. No Twitter. Nothing much of anything, really.

We do have a Facebook page. You will see a couple of posts from very long ago and then nothing. Except to advertise jobs (which happens maybe once or twice a year - assistants mainly. I find that advertising on local groups has been very productive for finding the sort of local people we would like.

We do not post - except for jobs...

I do not like posting random pictures of our customer's children in costume. I do not think posting helps us or you very much at all. But getting page likes does help us be slightly more visable. Plus - in the future, when your children who are attending these clubs now are looking for some part time jobs to help them while they study, it might come in handy for them... assuming we are all still using facebook then...

A Promise

Until then: I promise not to fill your feed unnecessarily. Links to it are in my email signature, or you can search for us yourself. You know how, so I will not tell you here.

Tim Ryan,

Owner of and Teacher at Enspire Clubs.

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