Children's Clubs in Twickenham
Chess Clubs in Twickenham

Enspire Chess is organised and run by Jonathan Ryan. Chess is a great vehicle for your child to develop their abilities in problem solving, logical thought pattern, memory and the capability to understand, predict and foresee the consequences of their actions. It also helps nurture confidence, concentration, independence and patience in a fun, safe & secure environment.

Due to the nature of chess, all lessons will have an element of competition designed to maintain your child's interest and allow them to reflect on their progress towards becoming a chess master.

There are no formal qualifications to be gained in chess but an ability score is fairly understandable and is widely used in the world of chess - you may have seen these scores if you have ever visited any of the chess online forums.

Every session involves group teaching activities designed to enhance your child's understanding of specific areas of the game. Games are played against other members of the group in both formal and informal tournaments that can last the length of a single game, to a whole session or course.

Cost per session: £10

Length of session: 60 minutes

Maximum group size: 15

All are welcome - contact us for details.

Timetable for Chess Clubs in Twickenham